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Panasonic KX-TAW848 Wireless PBX...


Panasonic KX-TAW848 phone systems are the newest wireless solution for small business. The KX-TAW848 is initially configured to support 4 lines and up to 4 telephones. It is expandable to 8 lines and 48 extensions*.

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Some of the new features of the KX-TAW824 phone system...

Wireless Cellular Mobility: The KX-TAW848 supports the KX-T7750, KX-T7720, KX-T7730, KX-T735 as well as the new KX-TD7680 wireless (Left) and KX-TD7690 Executive wireless (Right). These 2.4 GHz phones are used in conjunction with the KX-T0141 "Mini Cell" modules (Center). These cellular modules do not require AC power and can be placed throughout a building to act as an internal cellular network. This allows for quite a large coverage footprint. Depending on your office layout, each KX-TAW0141 transceiver will feed signal between 30 to 60 meters. Calls remain connected while the user while traveling within the overlapping cellular footprints. Multiple KX-T0141 cellular station modules. Up to 6 KX-T0141 cell units can be connected to the KX-TAW824 KSU up to 1640 away using 22 AWG cable. Each wireless handset can receive signal up to 500* away from each module. Up to 28 KX-TD7690 or KX-TD7680 wireless handsets can be registered to the KX-TAW848. Two wireless handsets can be in use with each KX-T0141 cellular station module. By overlapping the footprint of the KX-T0141 cellular modules, the wireless phones will automatically select an available channel to connect without disconnecting the call. The KX-TAW848 Wireless PBX is a great solution for companies that require coverage wide area mobile coverage. companies such as Car dealers, warehouses, large office buildings lumber yards and others.  *Actual distance is dependent on the buildings environment.

kx-td7680 Wireless Handset

KX-TDA0141 Cellular Module

KX-TD7690 Wireless Handset
Enhanced Conferencing: By adding the KX-TAW84866 8 Channel Echo Canceling Card the KX-TAW848 is capable of allowing up to an 8 party conference. This helps cut the costs of carrier provided conferencing services and allows for more staff within your business to have simultaneous conferencing capabilities.
Rack Mountable: With optional KXA-244X rack mount kit the KX-TAW848 can be mounted into a standard 19 inch rack. Great for keeping the KX-TAW848 in a more accessible environment. Mount with patch panels for easy extension changes and additions.
PC Programming: The system is equipped with a built-in RS232 and a USB port for onsite access and PC programming. It can also be set up so the system can be accessed remotely via an optional dial-up modem card. The  USB and an RS-232C connectors on the KX-TAW848 to provide easy interface to an IBM compatible PC or notebook. You will require our RS-232 Serial Null Modem cable for PC connection programming.
PC-Based programming option requirements
Microsoft� Windows� 98 SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
CPU: 133 MHz Intel� Pentium� or faster
RAM: At least 64 MB of available RAM (128 MB recommended)
Hard disk space: At least 100 MB of space for the installation, and approximately 2 MB of additional space for user files
Extended Program Backup Time: Well, how about 7 years. Hopefully you won't leave it unplugged for that long.
Keep in mind when configuring your KX-TAW848 that Panasonic voicemail systems use one available extension port off of the phone system for every 2 ports of voicemail connected. Example: The KX-TVA50 voicemail system has 2 ports therefore requires 1 available extension ports from the KX-TAW848 phone system.

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Voice Mail Integration Yes 
Multi Cell Wireless With Handoff Yes, KX-TVS50, 90, 125, 225, 325
Message Waiting (Proprietary Phones) Yes
Toll Restriction Yes
Capacity 4-8 CO Lines, 4-48 Extensions
Intercom Path Non blocking (Proprietary Phones)
External Dialing Method External: Tone/Pulse (10 pps, 20 pps)
Internal Dialing Method Internal: Tone/Pulse (10 pps, 20 pps)
Dialing Conversion Tone to Pulse or Pulse to Tone
Switching Space division CMOS Cross Point
Power Failure Transfer 2 lines to pre-assigned extensions
Back Up With UPS Several hours depending upon use
Connections CO lines: Modular Jack (RJ-11)
Intercom 4 Pin Modular Connector
Paging 3.5 mm jack
External Music 3.5 mm jack
SMDR RS-232C Interface Port (D-Sub, 9 Pin)
Power Source AC 120V, 60 Hz
Absent Message Capability Up to 6
Account Code Entry Yes
Automated Attendant (with DISA/OGM) Yes
Automatic CO Hunting Yes
BGM (Black Ground Music) Jack Yes
Call Back Busy Yes
Call Forwarding Yes
Call Hunting (Terminal or Circular) Yes
Call Log Yes
Call Parking Zones (10) Yes
Call Park Retrieve Yes
Call Pick Up Yes
Call Retrieve from TAM Yes
Call Transfer/Transfer Recall Yes
Call Waiting Yes
Caller ID Call Logging (20 Station)1 Yes
Caller ID Call Log Lock1 Yes
Caller ID Call Back Yes
Caller ID Name and Number1 Yes
Class of Service (5) Yes
CO Limited Duration Timer Yes
CO Line Status (Two Color LED) Yes
Conference Calling (3 party) Yes, Expandable to 8
Data Dump (Print Out System Program Data) Yes
Data Line Security (for Fax or Modem) Yes
Date and Time Display Yes
DIL (Direct in Line) Yes
DISA. (Direct Inward System Access) Fax, Ring Groups, Single Digit Access
Distinctive Ring (Door Phone Intercom, CO) Yes
DND (Do Not Disturb) Yes
Do Not Disturb Override Yes
Door Intercoms 4
Door Opener Contacts 4
DSS/BLF Consoles 2
Duration Time of Call Display Yes
Electronic Station Lock Yes
Extension Groups 8
Exclusive Hold Yes
Executive Override Yes
External Paging Access (1) Yes
Flexible CO Keys (DSS/BLF, One Touch Dial) Yes
Flexible DSS Keys (Feature Access) Yes
Flexible Key Assignments Yes
Flexible Line Assignment Yes
Flexible Night Service/Programmable/Manual Yes
Flexible Ringing (Day, Night, Lunch) Yes
Flexible Station Numbering Yes
Hands-Free Answer Back Intercom Yes
Handset/Headset-Display Phones Yes
Hold Yes
Hold Recall/Hold Reminder Yes
Industry Standard Telephone Capability Yes
Internal Paging (All Call Paging) Yes
Internal Paging (Zone Paging)(8-Zones) Yes
Last Number Redial Yes
Limited Call Duration Yes
Log In/Log Out Yes
Memory Back-up Yes
M.O.H. (Music on Hold Input) Yes
Off-Hook Tone Signaling Yes
On-Site Programming Yes
Operator Call Yes
Power Failure Transfer Yes
Pre-Selection (Central Office or Intercom) Yes
Privacy Release Yes
Ringing Line Preference Yes
Room Monitor Yes
Saved Number Redial Yes
Secret Dialing Yes
SMDR (Station Message Detail Recording) Yes
Station Name Display Yes
Station Speed Dialer Yes
Station to Station Messaging Yes
System Speed Dial Numbers 100
Timed Reminder Yes
Toll Restriction Override Yes
Tone/Pulse Conversation Yes
Tone/Pulse Dialing (by CO Line) Yes
Transfer (Screened/Unscreened) Yes
Trunk Groups Yes
Unattended Conference Call Yes
Walking Class of Service Yes
Dimensions (H x W x D) 14.8'' x 10.8'' x 4.6''
Weight 14.00 lbs

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